Our mission at the Yale Translation Initiative is to promote the interdisciplinary study of translation at Yale and beyond, encompassing its literary, social, political, economic, legal, technological and medical dimensions.  As human migration and globalization alter the manner and speed of language change, translation has become increasingly central to  the workings of the contemporary world.   We believe now is the time to capture the new energies and map out the new fields this expanded horizon offers to us.  We are working to foster ties with community projects in health care and legal translation, and are also keen to explore the possibilities offered by machine translation. Harnessing our faculty’s expertise, as well as growing student interest, the Initiative sponsors and supports lectures (The Translation Forum) and working groups.  It also facilitates summer internships for undergraduate students, supports the undergraduate Journal of Literary Translation (JoLT) and the graduate student-led Yale Literary Translation Collective, and promotes courses that feature translation as part of their syllabus.


August 22, 2023
In Exiled Shadow, Norman Manea creates a vibrant mosaic of voices, sources, and stories, to tell the story of the protagonist, known only as the Nomadic Misanthrope, as he...
April 21, 2023
Robyn Creswell’s English version of Iman Mersal’s The Threshold is a finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize. The Threshold was published by Farrar, Straus and...