2023 Summer Graduate Fellowships

Alicia Badea (Comp Lit), to translate Emil Cioran’s shorter manuscripts from Romanian to English

Fiona Bell (Slavic), to work with Tatsiana Zamirovskaya to translate Zamirovskaya’s The Deadnet from Russian to English

Walid Bouchakour (French), to translate Tahar Ouettar’s novel Echamâa wa eddahaliz from Arabic to French

Qasim Chatta (Comp Lit), to translate four essays of Muhammad Hassan Ask from Urdu to English

Elisa Crabeil (French), to research and study transnational conversations on the definition of Anglophone categories of “lesbian,” “dyke,” and “queer”

Inês Forjaz de Lacerda (Spanish and Portuguese), to translate Ana Hatherly’s O Mestre from Portuguese to English

Sebastián Grandas (Religion), to translate Sergio Ramirez’s De Tropeles y Tropelias from Spanish to English

Emily Jin (Architecture), to translate Tan Gang’s A Hundred Years on Watch and The Silent Crown

Il’ia Karagulin (Slavic), to attend Bristol Translates

Spencer Lee-Lenfield (Comp Lit), to translate selected essays and stories by Na Hyesǒk from Korean to English

Max Norman (Comp Lit/Classics), to translate the diary of Jacopo Pontormo from Italian to English

Maru Pabon (Comp Lit), to locate all issues of the Palestinian Journal al-Jadid published between 1951 and 1965

Jacob Romm (Comp Lit), to translate the sonnets of Menke Katz from Yiddish to English

Jeanne Sauvage (French), archival study of Maurice-Edgar Coindreau’s translations into French of four William Faulkner novels

Xinyi Xie (Architecture), to study the interdisciplinary, intermedial writer and artist Marianne Fritz